Hello world!

I am new at blogging, so I ask you to bear with me.  I hope you will enjoy reading my stories.  They are fiction but have been taken from real life experiences.  I have a wonderful family who loves to laugh and talk and we enjoy each other’s company.  My children are all grown up now with families of their own.  I hope my grandchildren will love hearing these stories that have a smidgen of truth to them.  They might want to guess which character was their parent.  Maybe, I have rolled two into one.  My brain is engulfed with memories of the past, but at my age, some get obscured and mixed up or made up.  I am a dreamer and somewhat of an artist.  I love to write, and to paint pictures in both oils and watercolors.  I hope you will enjoy reading about my fictional family.  (THE BIRD’S NEST.)

I also have included a few true stories (i.e. SARAH  THE CHRISTMAS TREE) about my real family.  I am from Charleston, South Carolina and love the low country(as is pretty evident in the way I write about it).  I grew up downtown in the historic district (which wasn’t called that at that time). I think plough mud flows in my veins and the Atlantic Ocean roars in my head.  Spanish Moss, yellow jasmine, magnolias and azaleas are sheer beauty to my eyes.  My Momma raised me to be a Steel Magnolia…sweet as sugar and tough as nails.  Momma always said if you listened closely, you could hear  the Palmetto trees singing with the Atlantic Ocean.  I still love Sweet Tea and grits, not to mention pecan pie and all seafood except oysters.  I married a Citadel man (class of 1953) and The Bulldogs have always had a place near & dear to our hearts.  He went there on a football scholarship.  They had a tough schedule in those days and it was a miracle when they beat South Carolina in 1951.  I met him in his junior year while I was a Nursing student at MUSC.  We married shortly after his graduation and had 52 wonderful years together before his death parted us.  I have also included a poem that I wrote about grief. (MS. KNOX’S BOX).

These stories are dedicated to my wonderful children, Cindy Craddock, Ed Knox and John Knox  and their precious spouses, Jim, Dennie & Karen, as well as my grandchildren, Sia & Scott Griffith, Aaron & Ian Walker, Dani, Sami, Zachary & Matthew Knox & my precious great grands, Kaiden & Avery.  You are all amazing and have brought me a great deal of joy and laughter to my life. My grandchildren are perfect. If they have any flaws at all, it’s that they don’t have a Southern drawl, like sweet tea and grits is not on their menu. This is also in memory of my soul mate, the love of my life, my destiny, Jack Knox.  Without you, my life would not have had so much laughter and love.  I miss you Babe.

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