My heart overflows with a good theme…my tongue is the pen of a ready writer.  Psalm 45:1

These are a plethora of stories that I have written over the years.  The good Lord has blessed me with the ability to write and I hope you will find them enjoyable.  Some may be good and some not, but they are things as I remember them.  My brain is old and confused at times but there is always a kaleidoscope of memories bouncing around in there anxious to get out.  I tend to write like I talk which happens to be with a drawl.  I am a Southern girl born and raised in Charleston, South Carolina.  I met my husband when he was a Junior at The Citadel and I was a nursing student studying at The Medical University of South Carolina.  It was love at first sight.  I write about my childhood in Charleston and adventures we had as a married couple.  My children gave me much fodder to use.  We always had an ability to laugh at most things that many may have cried over.  Our children and grandchildren were the treasures that God blessed us with.  We both had a strong relationship with God, our family, our country and in my husband’s case, football.  Our life would be considered ordinary by most standards but my mine, it was extraordinary.  There was never a day that went by that we could not find a blessing from God or something that would make us laugh.  I hope I can share some of that with you.  In some stories, I have changed the names of the characters to protect the innocent.  I hope you will laugh along with me as you read.  There is nothing greater in life than laughter.  For my children and grandchildren, I love you with all of my heart.  I hope these stories will always be around so that you can pass them on to your children and grandchildren and add some of your own so they will know the family from whence you came.


One thought on “ANNIE’S STORIES preface

  1. I absolutelly LOVE what you have done and are continuing to do. Little wonder we are of one heart, when hats and memoirs are our passions. A+ to your antics. A+ to our friendship! + to the life you have had with Jack, your children and grandchildren, and your Memminger girls. So “haTpy” to have played a small part. Love you, dear Big Sis. Lil’ Archie

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